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Fujitsu Europe Saar Lagertechnik
Julabo Ubert


Welcome to Fujitsu Europe:
The company FUJITSU was founded in 1935 in Japan for the manufacturing of telephones and other communication appliances. Today the FUJITSU Group belongs with more than 170.000 employees and total revenues of approximately 40 Billion Euro to one of the world-wide leading producers for computers, multi-media products and telecommunication systems.

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Saar Lagertechnik GmbH
Wiesenweg 2b
65812 Bad Soden / Taunus
Deutschland / Germany

Please vistis our Partner Saar Lagertechnik GmbH

- Material handling
- Conveying technology
- Order picking systems

 fusionchef by Julabo

Sous Vide equipment from fusionchef brings highly precise temperature-control technology.
Find more information about Sous Vide:

- Sous Vide
- Sous Vide cooking
- Sous Vide equipment
- Sous Vide recipes
- low temperature cooking
- Sous Vide water bath

fusionchef by Julabo
Julabo Labortechnik GmbH
Eisenbahnstrasse 45
77960 Seelbach/Germany



Since the start of Fast-Food-Business the company has decisively pioneerd and formed the trade.
Million times sold quality on the highest level of technology guarantees you a smooth operation and functionality.

Find more about Ubert:
Our product range:

- rotisseries
- oilless fryer
- hot cabinets
- show cases
- display cases
- fast food equipment
- foodservice equipment
- commercial cooking equipment

Adress: Germany

Gewerbegebiet Ost + Nord
Postfach 1264
D-46344 Raesfeld / Germany