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Nabertherm kilns Nabertherm  furnaces
Schock Metall Loos
ENVIRO Chemie nora system
Finkbeiner Zeochem
Postnova Analytics Worf

Nabertherm furnaces

With maximum temperatures of 1340 °C Nabertherm kilns will cover the complete range of ceramic firing processes. The firing process is digitally controlled by Nabertherm Controllers.
Nabertherm operates a global service network and produces a wide range of industrial furnaces.
more Nabertherm products:

 - High temperature furnaces
 - Top hat furnaces
 - Continous furnaces
 - Ashing furnaces
 - Laboratory furnaces


Cure wrapping tapes are the passion at AMOHR

Since the 1950s AMOHR Technische Textilien GmbH is producing cure wrapping tapes for the rubber hose production. AMOHR has become one of the the leading producer of cure wrapping tapes in the world. Producing these cure wrapping tapes in Wuppertal, AMOHR Germany, and Laa, AMOHR Austria, both plants are producing at a very good cost-efficiency level and with best quality.

Some of the AMOHR products:

- Nylon wrapping tapes
- Rubber hose wrapping tapes
- Steam resistant wrapping tapes

AMOHR Technische Textilien GmbH
Hünefeldstr. 57a
D-42285 Wuppertal


Schock Metall

For over 30 years Schock has been manufacturing ball bearing slides. The experience and trend-setting achievements have established a brand as an industry leader: the precision slide. The unique physical properties of the ball bearing slide form the basis for the system superiority. Schock provides a reference point in the market by setting the highest standards for quality.



In 1865, Philipp Loos founded Loos Boilers in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Having moved first to Offenbach am Main and then Gunzenhausen and Bischofshofen, LOOS has supplied above 100,000 industrial boiler systems to more than 140 countries since then. Sales activities abroad are supported by subsidiaries and branches in 11 countries and representative agents over almost the entire globe.

Loos products:

  - Condensing boiler
  - Steam plants
  - Steam generators
  - Boiler plants
  - Boiler systems

  - Flame tube boiler



DOPAG adhesive dispensing systems are in widespread use in a broad variety of industries such as construction, film laminating, furniture manufacture, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics and wind energy systems manufacturing.

DOPAG - Solutions and products:
 -    Metering systems
 -    Barrel pumps
 -    Grease dispenser
 -    Sealant applicator
 -    Adhesive applicator
 -    Resin dispenser

Dosiertechnik und Pneumatik AG
Langackerstrasse 25
6330 Cham

+41 41 7855-757
+41 41 7855-700



Finkbeiner Lifting systems

  -  Carlift
  -  Scissor lift
  -  Column lift

FINKBEINER Hebetechnik, Walter Finkbeiner GmbH
Alte Poststrasse 9 / 11
72250 Freudenstadt


BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH
BIOTECON is a long-term and leading developer and supplier of rapid methods for food testing laboratories. Foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria or E. coli have caused major disease outbreaks worldwide, including fatal cases that could have been avoided by using food PCR as a rapid method of analysis.

The company’s service lab offers contract analyses for customers who do not have the means to do internal food testing. That way, BIOTECON Diagnostics is highly experienced with analyzing all kinds of different sample matrices for food pathogens – either by classically detecting the presence of microbial cells in the sample or by specifically tracking their DNA.

BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH
Hermannswerder 17
D-14473 Potsdam


Zeochem AG

Zeochem AG is a major producer of a full range of molecular sieve adsorbents and zeolite catalyst supports, headquartered in Uetikon, Switzerland.

Zeochem AG
Seestrasse 108
CH-8707 Uetikon
phone +41 44 922 93 93
fax +41 44 920 20 93



Wasser- und Abwassertechnik
In den Leppsteinswiesen 9
64380 Roßdorf
Tel. +49 6154 6998 0
Fax. +49 6154 6998 11

Industrial process water treatment by Enviro Chemie

The methods of preparing effluents within discharge limits which have been used until now no longer meet the requirements of modern water management and industrial water consumption.

New water treatment and industrial process water recycling technologies are being integrated into production plants with ever increasing regularity and contribute to the decontamination of municipal sewage plants. Even if they will not completely replace additive methods in the near future, they are still an important part of industrial water consumption concepts. The recycling of purified waste water gets more and more popular, especially in locations with water shortages or high water prices.

The association of German machine and plant construction (VDMA)
The German coalition for water management, sewage and waste (ATV-DVWK)
The Swiss federation of wastewater and water protection specialists (VSA)

In the 25 years since we began, we have built over 8000 plants worldwide.

Some examples of applications of our process water treatment:

- cosmetic industry
- metal production and metalworking industries
- vehicle washing stations of transportation firms
- food and beverage industries
- chemical industry
- industrial cleaning

More Information about ENVIRO process water systems - please click here...


ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

A modular dedusting unit can be adapted to the individual requirements of a company.
The basic systems include four different types of the dedusting unit with the possibility to customize each of them to the individual customer requirements. Special features of the dedusting unit:

- Mobile dust extraction
- Seperation of the extracted materials
- Highly efficient filter cleaning process during operation of the system
- Compact design of the dedusting unit
- The modular design makes it possible to adapt the dedusting unit to each specific application
- Customized system layout to meet individual customer requirements
- Special design features make use of pre-separation principles

ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG
Gotenstr. 2-6

89250 Senden



nora system

The norament® system offers solutions to a host of contract-job requirements. Give your creativity free rein with the classical round pastille, the hammerblow or smooth surfaces. norament® has its own distinctive format: the square tiles. They are produced during the vulcanization process in high-pressure presses and enable us to attain an outstandingly high level of quality, combined with absolute precision.

Freudenberg Bausysteme KG
Zwischen Dämmen 2-4
D - 69465 Weinheim

Tel.: (+49) 6201 - 80 6633
Fax.: (+49) 6201 - 88 2672



Postnova Analytics
Europe: Tel: +49 (8191) 428-181 Fax: +49 (8191) 428-175
USA: Tel: +1 (801) 521 2004 · Fax: 1+(801) 521 2884
Postnova Analytics mission is to provide advanced analytical products and excellent customer service to scientists around the world working in the field of bioanalysis, polymer, particle and environmental analysis. To offer complete solutions postnova's product portfolio is based on three subdivisions: Systems, Supplies & Consumables and Services.



Worf Glaskugeln GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Straße 12
55129 Mainz Germany
Fon +49 (0) 6136 955 12 -0

Glass beads and glass products for technical use purposes, glass bends, glass cylinders , glass balls as reflectors for street marking, glass balls for decoration.



Carl-Arnold-Straße 25
74670 Forchtenberg-Ernsbach

 - Thread forming screws
 - Screws for plastic
 - screw retention
 - extruded parts


For the past 20 years we have been intensively and successfully dedicated to fighting wear of machine and plant components.

Our services:
 -  Build-up welding/ surfacing
 -  Metallisation (flame extruding and electric arc spraying)
 -  Surface coating by soldering hard metals
 -  Linings with Al2O3 ceramics
 -  EPO-SiC coatings made from polymeric ceramics

Lindachstr. 18
73098 Rechberghausen