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KAPPA develops and produces CCD cameras with standard and mega pixel resolution, analog and digital interfaces like Video, RS 422, Fire Wire, Camera Link, LVDS.. The KAPPA high resolution cameras contain 1/2”, 1/3” and 2/3” color and B/W interline transfer CCDs. Sensitive Sony sensors and the Kodak sensors with high clock speed and square pixel matrix are available.

Kappa France

- Camera haute résolution
- Caméras matricielles
- Caméra CCD

Bonex dive scooters - Equipment made in Germany

For sports diving or industrial diving Bonex dive scooters (www.bonex-systeme.de/en) are the first choice. Made in Germany, Bavaria the scooters represents a high quality. Featured with the latest battery technology the dive scooters from Bonex are easy to use and safe - a perfect companion for all scuba divers.

Bonex GmbH & Co.KG
Am Kroit 19
83123 Amerang
Fon: +49/8075/916693
Fax: +49/8075/916692



Stollmann produces Bluetooth protocol stack BlueCode+. A portable and modular Bluetooth upper layer stack, supporting all important profiles.
The protocol modules, developed by Stollmann, are executed in their own runtime environment and are thus detached from the "surrounding" operating system. Stollmann also produces serial bluetooth modules.

Stollmann Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH
Mendelssohnstr. 15 D
22761 Hamburg


Galltec is producer of industrial sensors and offer a wide range of Humidity Sensors and humidity temperature
sensor. Many applications are using this sensors for measurement: hygrostats and humidity and temperature sensors, or
sensors with the capacitive Mela® sensor element.

Some of the Galltec products and solutions:

- Humidity sensors
- Condensation control
- Measurement of humidity
- Humidity Transmitter

Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH
Boschstrasse 4

71149 Bondorf

SPN Hopf

develops and produces gearboxes, gear elements, toothed racks for many areas of application.


HMS Industrial Networks

HMS entwickelt und produziert Lösungen zur Anbindung von Automatisierungsgeräten an industrielle Netzwerke.
Profibus / Feldbus
Profibus (Process Field Bus) ist ein universeller Feldbus, der breite Anwendung in der Fertigungsautomatisierung, Prozessautomatisierung, und Gebäudeautomatisierung findet.
Profibus wurde durch Siemens und die Profibus Nutzerorganisation entwickelt und in der internationalen Normenreihe IEC 61158 standardisiert. Profibus ermöglicht die Kommunikation von Geräten verschiedener Hersteller ohne besondere Schnittstellenanpassungen
Unternehmenskennzahlen auf einen Blick: HMS Industrial Networks
Gegründet wurde HMS 1988 in Halmstad/Schweden, wo sich auch heute der Stammsitz befindet.
Niederlassungen in Karlsruhe, Chicago und Tokio.
Mitarbeiter in der HMS Gruppe ca. 95 davon 7 in Karlsruhe.
Umsatz der HMS Gruppe in 2004: 17 Millionen Euro

Adresse: Deutsche Niederlassung

HMS Industrial Networks GmbH
Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
D-76131 Karlsruhe

VX Instruments

The high-speed PXI Digitizer from VX Instruments is a digitizer for high performance measurements. The PXI Digitizer is designed for high throughput testing. Multiple measurements in combination with the memory segmenting feature results in additional test time improvement. Aquired data can be pre-triggered, or post triggered, with the programmable sample counter. A very high common mode rejection ratio compared to differential inputs is the result. It allows floating low level signals to be measured with very high accuracy and a maximum of resolution.

VX Instruments GmbH
Bernsteinstrasse 41a
84032 Altdorf



In 1997 Dr. Thorsten Klein from Technical University of Munich, Germany founded Postnova Analytics in Munich which introduced the first complete Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation into the market. In 2001 Postnova and FFFractionation merged together, forming the only company in the area of Field-Flow Fractionation, offering the complete range of FFF systems.

Another business of Postnova is light scattering. When compared to many other characterization methods, the light scattering techniques show a high precision, have a fast response time and are noninvasive. Once the light scattering technique is set-up properly, absolute measurements of molar mass and particles size can be performed without the use of standards.

Postnova Analytics GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 14
D-86899 Landsberg / Germany
Telefon: +49 8191 428-181
Telefax: +49 8191 428-175



Rauschert offers the most efficient hot surface ignitor for pellet stoves worldwide.
Within only one minute wood pellets are ignited. Rauschert hot surface ignitor heats up to over 1,000°C/1,800°F and ignites the wood pellets with an extremely hot air stream

More products of Rauschert:

- Pellet heater
- Pellet stove ignitor
- Hot surface igniter

Rauschert GmbH
Technical ceramics & Moulded plastic parts
Paul-Ernst-Metzler-Straße 1
96515 Judenbach-Heinersdorf


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Niemann GmbH &Co. KG

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Friedrich Niemann GmbH & Co. KG
Eichkoppelweg 103
24119 Kronshagen